and Education
Early in my career I focused on corporate learning and soft skills training.

After that I conducted training and development at IT companies, such as 2GIS and Rambler&Co.

When I discovered coaching I focused on coaching techniques and employee growth. I conducted leadership training, educated trainers and worked on large-scale projects, such as implementing coaching tools for managers.
Then my interests shifted towards learning experience design. I worked as a freelance consultant and then launched my own company, Lifelong Learning Lab (LLLab). LLLab is a consulting agency and a community of educators and other learning specialists.

I managed changes in culture and learning methods, collaborated with corporate universities, EdTech companies and startups.

My colleagues and I have created numerous courses, such as «Learning to Learn», «Learning Environment», «Learning Through Art», «Innovations In Education». We have launched our own research and community initiatives as well.
The most important things for me have always been humanistic values and approaches that unlock human potential.
For the last 5 years I have lived in Portugal.

I have got a Master’s Degree in organizational consulting. Currently I am taking a course on relational organizational Gestalt. It will provide me with more tools that improve internal corporate communication.

"Relational Organizational Gestalt", a professional program for organizational consultants, Relational Change, UK, Oxford, 2023-present. Core faculty: Sally Denham-Vaughan, Marie-Anne Chidiac.

Master of Arts in "Organizational Consulting and HR Management", Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, IBS Business School, Portugal, Lisbon, 2022.

"Art & Science of Coaching", a professional coaching programme, Erickson College International, Russia, St. Petersburg, 2015. Core faculty: Svetlana Popova, Galina Mikhaylovskikh.

"Dance as a Research Practice" at Movement Artisans, a professional program in axis syllabus, contact improvisation, and somatics, Germany, Berlin, 2023-present.
Core faculty: Kira Kirsch, Antoine Ragot.

"Hatha Yoga and Meditation Teacher", International Yoga Federation, 200-hour course, Russia, Moscow, 2018.

"Accounting, Analysis, Audit", Samara State Regional Academy (Nayanova), Russia, Samara, 2009.

"Stories Told by the Body", "Professional Laboratory" and other programs in integral dance-movement therapy, A. Girshon, Portugal, Lisbon and Sintra.

Regular and single classes in contact improvisation, Feldenkrais, body-mind centering in Portugal, Germany, Poland, Russia, USA.

"Neurobiology of Depression and Trauma", "Neurobiology of Anxiety", Ekaterina Vinnik.

"Moderation and Facilitation in Brainstorming Sessions", "Educational Program Workshops", School of Creative Thinking (IKRA), Russia, Moscow.

"Selecting the Best: Conducting Structured Competency Interviews", KPG Learning Center, Russia, Moscow.

"Motivation Management and Corporate Loyalty Development", Active World Training Center, Russia, St. Petersburg.

"Change Management", ‘Fundamentals of Management", "Trainer Training: Charismatic Speaker", 2GIS, Russia, Novosibirsk / St. Petersburg.

Long-term Programs
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