Case Studies [Renata Gizatulina]

Lifelong Learning Skills development Program for SberUniversity ➝

SberUniversity created a comprehensive course for professionals who want to learn how to learn and who are interested in upskilling and reskilling.
Develop learning materials and video tutorials for 2 modules:
  1. Lifelong learning: how and why.
  2. Setting goals for learning and reskilling.
Who worked on the case
Renata Gizatulina worked as an expert. SberUniversity production team created the content.
We designed and developed content that helped achieve set goals.

We stuck to SberUniversity’s tone of voice and made our content easy to understand while being rich in useful information for each module.

Selected topics

  1. Self-development as a skill: cycle and key stages.
  2. Principles of brain function for adult learners.
  3. Difference between child and adult learning.
  4. Planning your own educational trajectory.
"Learn to Learn"course at SberUniversity
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