Case Studies [Renata Gizatulina]

Diagnosis and Coaching for IT Managers ➝

A major IT company had concerns about their employees' burnout.
Identify the reasons for burnout and find out how communication between managers and their employees affects the psychological climate of the company.
I assessed internal communication of the company and formed a coaching group for managers. I followed the Gestalt approach for organizational consulting. It helps identify the issues that contributed to burnout.
Together with HRBP we identified the problem and studied it on 3 levels:

  • individual communication,
  • employee communication,
  • internal communication in the company.

Then I made a report based on our research, listing problems and offering solutions. I also included my estimations on whether the company was ready to implement those solutions.
Coaching group for managers
During our group sessions we discussed:

  • aspects of healthy communication,
  • problems and solutions,
  • ways to monitor employees' emotional state and to respond to it.

Managers practiced supportive dialogue with each other.
diagnosis coaching