Case Studies [Renata Gizatulina]

Internal Expertise Development at Avito ➝

Avito is a fast growing IT company. The company hired a lot of new employees and wanted to teach its highly qualified old employees to share their expertise. T&D department provided personal assistance but it was no longer enough. The company needed a comprehensive solution.
  • Conduct research on potential experts.
  • Create a course that will help the company design its own course or conduct individual sessions.
  • Conduct the course.
  • Provide ongoing support for the project.
Who worked on the case
Renata Gizatulina, Valentina Rusakova
We conducted in-depth interviews with potential experts and held a series of meetings with involved members of the Avito team.

Research Focus

  • Current situation and current ways to solve the problem.
  • Issues and requests from experts.
  • Challenges and concerns.
  • Image of a teacher at Avito.
We designed and conducted the "Learn To Teach" course for new teachers at Avito and for those interested in teaching.
Program Content

  • Learning Experience Design
  • Goal Setting and Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Forms of Education and Working with Content
  • Lesson Plan
  • Evaluation
  • Designing a Lesson
  • Course Components
  • Research
  • Learning Models
  • Online Learning Tools
  • Adult Learning Stages and the Role of a Teacher
  • Group Dynamics Stages and Tools for Working with Them
"The course was overall very good. It can help technical specialists who have never dealt with pedagogy design courses/workshops/sessions. It provides basic rules of learning experience design and explains them clearly and in detail."

Dmitry Vagin, Avito employee
learning and development