Case Studies [Renata Gizatulina]

Consulting for Yandex Education ➝

Yandex Education is a Russian online service providing platforms for teachers and students. Teachers can assign and automatically grade homework, track the performance of each student and the entire class, and work face to face with successful and struggling students.
  • Train learning experience designers who work at Yandex Education.
  • Create a standard design for all programs.
  • Establish team processes of creating new projects.
Who worked on the case
Renata Gizatulina
I conducted an introductory meeting where employees assessed the situation and listed the topics they were interested in.

We had 6 meetings on those topics. Each meeting consisted of case studies and a bit of theory.

Selected topics: "Motivational design of learning programs", "Online learning formats", "Evaluation in online and blended programs".
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